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Songwriters Circle: Dan Couch

4 years ago Liv Carter Comments Off on Songwriters Circle: Dan Couch
When describing to people the realities of being a songwriter in Nashville, I have in recent years brought up the story of Dan Couch. His path to being an “overnight success” was 15 years in the making. You can be as talented as you’d like to be, but most often it is about patience, dedication, Read More

Songwriters Circle: Monty Powell

5 years ago Liv Carter Comments Off on Songwriters Circle: Monty Powell
Any songwriters interview series must include a conversation with ole writer Monty Powell, one of the most accomplished and respected modern writers in Nashville. After years of service to the industry, Powell released a new album, 47 Minutes of Your Time (iTunes US store), which houses his own artistic vision. Given the depth of his Read More

Songwriters Circle: Craig Wiseman

5 years ago Liv Carter 2
No interview series on songwriting is complete without Craig Wiseman. He is one of the most successful songwriters in Nashville, which would already be reason enough to include him, but also has a deep understanding of the publishing business. In 2003, he founded independent publishing company Big Loud Shirt which went on to Grammy-winning success Read More

Songwriters Circle: Josh Osborne

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Songwriter Josh Osborne celebrated his first chart-topping hit, Kenny Chesney‘s ‘Come Over,’ last year. It was a long road to get to that #1 party; the classic Nashville story of a 10-year overnight success. Osborne now has more cuts on his resume and co-wrote several songs on Kacey Musgraves‘ critically highly acclaimed album, Same Trailer Read More

Songwriters Circle: Kyle Park

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Texas singer-songwriter Kyle Park can speak to songwriting from an interesting perspective. Dividing his time between writing in his hometown of Austin and in Nashville, he has seen the difference and similarities between both scenes. As an independent artist he is also enjoying the freedom of writing when the ideas strike, and has the advantage Read More

Songwriters Circle: Chris Janson

5 years ago Liv Carter 2
I often get the question “What do I need to do to make it as a songwriter in Nashville?,” but aside from the very obvious “Write songs”, there is no easy answer. And there is definitely no easy path. In this Songwriters Circle series, every story has been different but there is one thing they Read More

Songwriters Circle: Marty Dodson

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For those outside of Music Row, the business of songwriting in Nashville can seem deeply mysterious. The Songwriters Circle interview series is slowly uncovering the realities of life for songwriters and the many aspects of music publishing. Next up is ole’s Marty Dodson, who has landed cuts with Kenny Chesney, Billy Currington, George Strait, Carrie Read More

Songwriters Circle: Matt Nolen

5 years ago Liv Carter 10
Quite possibly my favorite release of 2011 was the debut album by Nashville trio The Beagles. One of the songwriters behind that project is ole’s Matt Nolen, who formed the trio with Rick Huckaby, writing for Tracy Lawrence‘s LMG label, and Ward Davis, signed to Better Angels. With the trio working on their next album, Read More

Songwriters Circle: Craig Morrison

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Australian entertainment chameleon, Craig Morrison, already achieved success back home, and now following the example of several of his fellow Aussies, has brought his songs to Nashville. For the next installment in the Songwriters Circle series, it was interesting to compare and contrast the approaches to songwriting in both communities, and examine the thoughts of Read More

Songwriters Circle: Jaren Johnston

6 years ago Liv Carter Comments Off on Songwriters Circle: Jaren Johnston
Over the last year, I have heard Jaren Johnston‘s name come up in several discussions about some of the most exciting songwriters in Nashville. With a new project from his own band, The Cadillac Black, freshly released, and having recently celebrated his first #1 hit with Keith Urban‘s ‘You Gonna Fly,’ this was the perfect Read More